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About Us

The Millionaire luxury matchmaking & dating with benefits for the affluent, elite, high-end clients is our business and we are passionate and committed about getting the job done. We are a discreet and private members only upscale matchmaking company for affluent, successful commitment-minded singles.

Betty Hamilton Matchmakers is the definition of high-end matchmaking services and the agency was launched with one simple goal –to offer a personalized, hands-on matchmaking experience for a clientele of millionaires and high-caliber individuals, including those seeking casual dating with benefits

As a quintessential brand with a global reach and international clientele, our approach is reassuringly traditional with personal service and attentiveness at it's very core. Our matchmaking for millionaires simply relies on human expertise, experience and knowing the right people. This has resulted in a private client list and a reputation that is exceptional as our success rate.

As a exclusive brand, we are selective about who we choose to have as a client or an affiliate.  Our client acceptance process is rigorous, ruthless even and has resulted in a private client list that is the envy of many. High achieving, high performing, and with the world as their playground, our clients are part of a select group of millionaires where equals are few and far between. Their lives may be limitless but the number of suitable partners they meet isn't. We redress this imbalance and introduce or match them one to the other, selectively, seamlessly and discreetly.

As a unique and exclusive matchmaking agency, we combine two decades wealth of experience. Coupled with our elegant approach to what we do, our longevity, pedigree and exceptional success rate have seen us welcomed into the world's most privileged and fiercely guarded social circles. We have the connections and network to attract the right people for the right people.

We are about people. Personal and not digital. No apps, no algorithms or data matches. We are the very opposite of the faceless impersonality and questionable security of the internet. We believe in the traditional face to face approach. Human interaction and safeguarding our clients' confidentiality at all costs. Our matchmaking relies on years of expertise, experience and intuition ~ And it shows.

We operate from our main office location in New York and satellite offices in Europe and Asia to provide services to high-flying clients that are cosmopolitan and hailing from every major city around the world. Our network may be exclusive, but it knows no borders. With a bespoke service designed to each of our member’s individual requirements we are here to coach, guide, inspire, at times challenge as well as instigate our clients. It’s all about investing in yourself and your future. Everything we do is personal, discrete and executed with the highest level of professionalism.

Who are our Members?

We cater to CEOs, executives, founders, investors, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and industry leaders varying in age, ethnicity, career paths and life passions, yet all seeking someone with whom to share their life. Our members are accomplished and highly educated, with 99% having college degrees and 70% having advanced degrees. We are very proud of our members!

We have been matchmaking for a reasonable amount of years, and in that time, we built extensive networks for connecting with quality singles in all parts of the world. It really opens a wide range of canals for finding that special person.


How do we find matches for our clients?

1. Private Matching Networks

Betty Hamilton Matchmakers has selected 150 Matchmakers worldwide to join our Private Matchmaking Network that we built over the years. They are selected via a private invitation for maximizing searches.

2. Scouting

The Betty Hamilton Matchmakers team scouts high-quality singles via events, galas, and professional networks formed from a combined 11+ years in the industry.

3. Digital Recruitment

Our Digital Recruitment™ system employs current technologies for searching singles via the world wide web. With this refined system, we are able to search all singles within a geographic location. It has quadrupled our success rate.

4. Castings

Castings are included in our national and international packages. Castings are held in our client’s preferred location(s). This expands the dating options for our clients even further.

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