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Meet Betty - The Modern Day Millionaire Matchmaker

Betty Hamilton is the Founder of Betty Hamilton Matchmakers, an exclusive and discreet private member Matchmaking agency that caters to the rich, wealthy, most influential men & women around the world.

Her portfolio of clients includes high-profile entrepreneurs, investors, diplomats, moguls, politicians, celebrities and more. They all rely on Betty Hamilton when finding themselves a partner for love, marriage or simply casual dating. She is widely respected for her commitment and dedication to exemplary Client service, where she has an innate ability to assess relationship patterns that lead Clients to their ultimate goals.

Betty has built a successful career at an early age as a Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant across a wide range of industries. After years of being active in the corporate world, Betty found a new passion in the business of matchmaking. She has become a fervent, skilled and reputable matchmaker and is determined to provide only the best of value for her clients.

Betty Hamilton

Always in high demand, Betty works from her New York office but maintains a global presence with a team of 150 matchmakers in satellite locations worldwide. Her approach is personal, professional and discreet. She applies the formula of using psychological principals and business expertise to matchmaking. Using her psychology background, matchmaking experience and extensive research, she has developed a comprehensive compatibility profiling assessment tool that her team of matchmakers have been thoroughly trained on.

Betty is a gifted dating coach, an invested listener, and an experienced guide for those who do not know how to take on the early challenges of building a relationship. She works closely with her clients – always providing meaningful feedback, reinforcing the value of committing to the process, and stressing that communication is a two-way street – in order to help each and every client feel like a true VIP. The client is always in the driver’s seat at Betty Hamilton Matchmakers Agency, but Betty is always at their side... helping them follow the roadmap that leads to romantic success.


1997 - 2000

Columbia University,

BSc (Hons), Psychology

2000 - 2001

Columbia University,

MSc, Occupational Psychology

Licenses & Certifications


Matchmaking Institute

Certified Matchmaker: Executive Member

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