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For Women


For the successful, educated, passionate and driven women that is ready for "The One".

While too busy to find men online, She's never too busy to find love in a relationship.

In essence, She's ready to meet a man on her level.

Let's talk about dating in this era and time, shall we? How often have you been on dates based on a man's dating app profile to discover there are not as good looking, or confident, or family oriented, or even worse, not available to commit themselves for a relationship? Sounds familiar already? We all know this is very common in today's world and it is time for successful and passionate women like yourselves to date smarter. We are here to show you how.

Forget about all the time spent trying to find Mr Right. With the help of our talented team of professionals, we’ll help you find the love of your life without you having to invest the time this task usually requires. Our system is tailor-made for each client, ensuring greater probability of a genuine compatibility between you and your potential matches. We thoroughly vet and interview our Male clients to get a sense of who they really are before ever suggesting them.

We take into consideration your lifestyle, personality, interests, philosophy, and values to conduct a customized personal search using our recruitment teams, matchmaker networks, and existing database of impressive men when you get started as a VIP Member.

One of the great advantages of working with a matchmaker is that we have the ability to help avoid the triggers and land mines of your past relationships when providing you with new introductions. We can best position you for success by pairing you with others who understand – or even share – your particular dating difficulties.



"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Arnold. He's the love of my life and we'll be forever grateful."

— Karen C., Auto Entrepreneur

Our Male Clients & Matches

Join us today and we take care of the rest. As a member, you will have access to our curated events exclusively for female members – from special events on love, sex, relationships, careers, and motherhood – just to name a few. We work with extraordinarily successful men looking for committed, romantic relationships. Imagine being paired with a relationship-oriented guy who actually has the same relationship goals and values. Here at Betty Hamilton Matchmakers, we not only find the love of your life or future partner, but we lead a community of beautiful, smart, and passionate women dedicated to empowering each other.

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