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For Gay Men


 As a successful gay man, you want to be paired with a relationship-oriented guy who has the same relationship goals and values.

Online apps is not for you because you value quality & privacy?

Then say no more. Betty Hamilton Matchmakers have you covered.

Betty Hamilton Matchmakers offers luxury gay dating services to eligible men in the North America, Europe and selected international locations. Our team of gay matchmaking experts understands the complications and intricacies of same-sex relationships. Thus, we operate on the best advice when we find your perfect partner. We provide solutions to some of the most prevalent dating problems.

Climbing the career ladder, maintaining a healthy social life and leaving some time for yourself can dissuade you from actively pursuing romance. Meeting the right man, who understands your needs, shares the same relationship goals can be difficult in most casual dating instances. Finally, the need for discretion can sometimes be an issue, particularly if you are a deeply private individual.

Our matchmaking services for gay men provide Betty Hamilton Matchmakers’s members a convenient and luxurious way to arrange dates and begin relationships without the fuss associated with meeting someone for the first time. We meticulously curate and select your potential match by fully understanding your dating needs and expectations as an elite gay man.

Our services is also tailored to respond to your particular needs. When you want to date men after a relationship has ended or when you are ready for a long-term commitment, we’ll find you a potential match.

Our introductions are discreet, and we take your privacy with utmost respect.


"People often assume it’s easier when you’re gay and in the public eye, and yes I was never short of interest, but it was hard to find someone like-minded, looking for a serious, monogamous, long-term partnership. But after working with Betty, I was able to believe in love again."

— Jonathan T., Attorney at Law

Our Gay Clients & Matches

The men we work with are a wide variety in terms of age and locations, but they are all passionate about what they do, attractive, emotionally intelligent and genuinely looking to meet someone for dating or for a long-term, monogamous relationship. They tend to be introduced to us mainly by referral. Typically when Betty has success in matching her client, they refer to their friends. This is a result of our success rate when it comes to matching gay men. We have affiliates, who know the business well and make referrals and network in the right circles to ensure they know every single amazing gay man looking for a relationship. There is someone for everyone and we can introduce you. Book a complimentary consultation with your certified matchmaker today.

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