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Matchmaking vs. Online Dating – Which One is Right for You?

Through online dating, consumers have a nearly endless stream of potential partners at their fingertips. So why might a hopeful singleton opt for a matchmaking service instead during this unprecedented time of online dating popularity?


Online dating has revolutionized the game. The ways in which we meet potential partners today is vastly different than that of our parents or grandparents. Much less often are we congregating in bars, meeting through mutual friends, or finding love in the workplace. Instead, we’re swiping left or swiping right. So what about hiring your own person matchmaking service?

Through online dating, consumers have a nearly endless stream of potential partners at their fingertips. So why might a hopeful singleton opt for a matchmaking service instead, during this unprecedented time of online dating popularity? A quick look at the success rates of either method might give an indication why – Betty Hamilton Matchmakers has an 80 – 90% success rate for private members, with even the most generous figures suggesting that online dating is less than half of that.

In this article, I’ll explore five major differences between online dating and matchmaking services. While the two methods aim to achieve the same goal, they hardly use any of the same tactics to deliver on their promise to help consumers find love.

1. Personalized selection – quality vs quantity

When there are endless options to choose from, it’s impossible to be fully engaged with each potential partner. Here at Betty Hamilton Matchmakers, we focus on hand selecting matches that align with your core values. We spend a substantial amount of time with each of our clients to fully understand what makes them tick, what’s most important to them, and what they value most in a partner. Online dating profiles may ask a few basic questions that, they claim, assist in compatibility. But these parameters aren’t as effective in a system flooded with options. Due to the format, users are much less likely to fully review a dating profile and make a weighted choice based on compatibility than they are to make a snap judgment on the cover photo.

2. Time effective vs money effective – while apps are cheaper, the time investment is substantial

No money spent, nothing to lose, right? Not if you believe there’s validity to the saying ‘’time is money.’’ When you consider how much time people are investing into finding a partner on these platforms, it becomes clear that success is typically dependent on devoting a significant portion of one’s waking life to the task. Our clients choose to opt for a time effective way of finding a partner. While they’re at work or on vacation with the kids, we’re behind the scenes screening for compatible matches.

3. In-depth screening – we do our best to verify identity and interview each potential match

Another unique component to using a matchmaking service is the in-depth screening we provide. One survey by global research company Opinion Matters showed that 53% of people lie on their dating profiles. When you’re meeting strangers off the internet, this is no small factor to consider. At Betty Hamilton Matchmakers, invite-only members are required to complete a 30 minute interview before being introduced to our clientele. We confirm identity by checking a government issued ID, ensure age and height are accurate, and meet every member face-to-face so we know photos align with reality.

4. Third party involvement – honest date feedback can lead to higher success rates

Have you ever gone on a date, never heard back, and wondered what went wrong? Dates are unlikely to provide completely honest feedback to avoid an uncomfortable situation, but this feedback is often quite useful in learning how to be a better date. Here’s where a matchmaker can make all the difference – we act as a third party in the dating process so that you can get the most honest feedback from any past dates without all the stress. This lends itself to effective date coaching, ultimately improving the chances of success.

5. Focus on values and psychological principles – online dating falls short to consider long term compatibility

Betty Hamilton Matchmakers is unique in our use of psychological principles and core values to aim for the highest chance of long-term compatibility. All our members complete a values assessment, that asks them to deeply consider which values are most important to them in a partner – is it connection, or passion, or chemistry? Do you want someone family oriented or career oriented? Is humor a necessary component in any potential suitor? Or are you more concerned with ambition and success? This in-depth analysis provides a much higher chance of long term success and plays a major part in our 80 – 90% success rate.

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While the apps are free, easily accessible, and can work for some, the opportunity to outsource the hard work necessary for finding a lifelong partner is one that more and more people are finding valuable in the face of online dating. Many of our clients have tried the apps and come to us exhausted, disenfranchised, and feeling a bit hopeless. Hiring a dedicated matchmaking service to assist in the search, proactively finding and screening compatible matches on their behalf, can ease the anxiety often found around the dating process.

As experts in the field, we’re here to help hopeful romantics anyway we can. Schedule an appointment with someone from our team to learn how we can best assist you in the search for ‘’the one,’’ whether through our matchmaking services or our date coaching.



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