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Dating Advice for the Successful Professional

You're an expert in your field, you've developed a method for problem solving and you have the ability to adapt and find solutions in the workplace. But your skill set for overcoming challenges in the office is very different for a romantic relationship.


You’ve climbed the ladder of your profession, you’re successful in almost every way, and yet finding that perfect partner has seemed to elude you. So many successful professionals are left to wonder why they excel in every aspect, except in their love life.

As a professional matchmaker, this is something many of my clients suffer from. They are goal-oriented, ambitious, high achieving individuals that cannot seem to check this one very important item off their to-do list. The confusion they face because of this can lead to identity crisis, if you’ve always thought of yourself as someone who can find and attack a problem in business, you might wonder why you can’t do so in your personal life.

Two different jobs

As an expert in your field, you’ve likely developed a method for problem solving. Your ability to adapt and find solutions in the workplace is finely tuned. But the skill set required for overcoming challenges in the office is vastly different than that of a romantic relationship. In my experience as a relationship expert, I’ve seen a few common themes that lovelorn professionals tend to showcase in their failed relationships:

1. Equating professional success with effort in the relationship – While working hard to provide for your family should never go unnoticed or underappreciated, balance is important. Energy cannot be solely emptied into professional endeavours. When you’re building a life with a partner, you need to invest into your relationship with them as well. True love doesn’t rely on impressive titles and big pay checks.

2. Holding unrealistic expectations – You’re used to maximum efficiency in the workplace, so why can’t you expect the same in your relationship? We cannot control how our partner thinks or feels, often leaving successful professionals feeling disappointed. Adjusting this perspective to a more collaborative one can lead to happier results.

3. Using their left brain instead of their right – Being analytical got you to the top of the game, but emotional intelligence will serve you best in maintaining your romantic relationships. Investing in your partner’s emotional well-being isn’t just helpful, it’s necessary. Instead of treating their feelings as a problem to solve, focus on actively listening and understanding your partner’s perspective.

Don't fret, we can help

Deprogramming these unhelpful thinking patterns can be a daunting task. If you display the traits above in your romantic relationships, don’t despair – we can help. At Betty Hamilton Matchmakers, we offer more than bespoke matchmaking services. With a variety of resources available for the inquisitive singleton who wants to learn how to date better (whether it be through expert-led date coaching or completing our exclusive Your Dating Blueprint consultation) we’re happy to assist our clients in their search for love anyway we can. Get in touch with us today to learn more.



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